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Do you long for a bit of peace?

It doesn’t seem to take much to get to the ‘can’t cope’ point, does it? The ‘to do’ list keeps getting longer, there aren’t enough hours in the day to do what you have to do, never mind what you want to do. We ping like a pinball between work, caring commitments, family and friends, jobs around the house and in the garden, always another thing to do, another duty or task to tick off that list. Is it stealing your energy? It’s probably taking it’s toll on you – emotionally, mentally and on your health.

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Your health and wellbeing is important to you.

You try to eat the right things. You exercise. But you’re having trouble sleeping. Or maybe your stomach is giving you grief. You’re having mood swings. You’re tearing your hair out. Or there’s too much ‘noise’ in your head - and you can’t find the off switch.

If this sounds familiar, then you are not alone. My job as a solicitor was very stressful. I tried Reflexology and it made such a difference to me – it helped me feel like I could cope, and popped the bubble of anxiety that was swelling up and growing bigger and bigger by the hour.

I loved Reflexology treatments so much, I decided to train as a Reflexologist. I qualified in March 2015 and I find the more I do, the more I love being a Reflexologist, and being able to serve my local community in Wotton-under-Edge and Dursley. It’s a way of making a real difference, and it’s a privilege to be part of what helps a client when they are really going through tough times. I can see the tension leave their face, and I can feel it leave their feet. If a client can relax enough to drop off and sleep, to me that feels like a massive compliment.

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Reflexologist working in Wotton-Under-Edge and Dursley

On Mondays and Saturday afternoons you will find me at The Edge Health and Beauty Centre in Wotton-under-Edge.

On Tuesday afternoons, Saturday mornings and some weekday evenings you will find me at my Treatment Cabin in Dursley.

"relaxing can be quite difficult but this treatment worked wonders"

"I had a cold stone reflexology treatment with Sandra on Saturday and it was lovely! I spend all day every day on my feet and have very physical jobs so relaxing can be quite difficult but this treatment worked wonders"

K O'Neill from Dursley, July 2018

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Prioritise your wellbeing and book a treatment today with your local Reflexologist

It’s more than just treatments, though …. I’m a firm believer in self awareness and in taking proactive steps to look after my wellbeing.

I live in the real world, too, where there are competing priorities for what to spend my money on, so I like to work with clients in a way that highlights what they can do to help themselves.

This includes sharing some simple Hand Reflexology techniques that are easy to do at home, or breathing exercises.

"It was just divine"

"Just had my first ever reflexology session with Sandra and it was absolutely delightful. I feel so relaxed, it was just divine.”

S Brown, Dursley, September 2018

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Life is an ongoing journey of learning new things

I continue to learn with each pair of feet or hands that I work on – every person is unique, and their life journey is often reflected there. I seek to continuously improve and add new skills, so I can support my clients, and I'm looking forward to being able to serve more of the local community, in Stroud, Nailsworth and Tetbury.

I’m qualified to offer Hot Stone Reflexology treatments. I’m certified to perform Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage and in 2018 I completed my Diploma in Oncology and Reflexology. I also completed training in Reflexology techniques to support conception and pregnancy.

Reflexology does not treat or remedy cancer and should not be used in place of conventional medical care or the treatment recommended for you by your healthcare professional. Always consult a GP or other health professional for medical attention and advice.

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