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"Very relaxing"

"Definitely a must....I had reflexology with Sandra today. Very relaxing, very professional. She was able to pick up problems just through her massage. Great advice for aftercare. Highly recommend."

J Foxworthy, Dursley August 2018

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Foot Reflexology (60 minutes appointment)

Put your feet up, sink into my Reflexology chair and take the deepest and longest breath you have taken all day …. relax, and let go. Close your eyes and give yourself permission to enjoy some special time just for you.

Re-balance, reduce stress and support a healthy immune system and the body’s natural repair.

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Hand Reflexology (60 minutes appointment)

If bringing your feet out into the open is not for you, you can still access a relaxing treatment on your hands. Lean back into my Reflexology chair, with each of your arms supported as they gently rest on a fluffy pillow. Breathe deeply, close your eyes and drift away while I work on your reflexes to support the systems of your body.

Hand Reflexology is particularly good for reaching the thyroid and sinus reflexes, because they present a larger surface area on the hand than on the feet.

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Luxury Hand and Foot Reflexology Treatment (90 minutes appointment)

This is a truly indulgent treatment. Start with your feet in a warm water bath and organic bath salts to soothe and relax the feet ready for Foot Reflexology. Receive Hand Reflexology and a gentle lower arm massage whilst your feet are soaking. Then once I’ve dried your feet, lie back on the Reflexology chair with your feet up for a full Foot Reflexology Treatment. In this way you have extra work on the sinus reflexes when I work on your hands and a full treatment working on the systems of the body on your feet.

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Add Hot Stones to Foot Reflexology for a deeper treatment (60 minutes appointment)

Your Foot Reflexology Treatment is provided using organic Jojoba oil and volcanic stones that have been warmed to just the right temperature to soothe and relax the muscles of your feet. Heat penetrates deep into your feet, and the reflex points – feel yourself float away.

Reputed to do even more to support your wellbeing because the heat goes deeper than is possible simply using my thumbs and fingers on your feet. The support experienced is also said to last longer.

If you have high blood pressure I’m unable to offer you a Hot Stone Foot Reflexology Treatment, I’m afraid, as it is not suitable for you.

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Cold Stone Reflexology (60 minutes appointment)

Your Foot Reflexology treatment is provided using organic Jojoba oil and smooth, white, stones that are naturally cold - this feels fabulous on your skin in warmer weather.

The stones are said to be helpful in supporting clients with inflammation - such as cold and flu symptoms which are by-products of inflammation. Using cold stones may help with reducing swelling and muscle spasms. A cold stone treatment may also be beneficial if you are experiencing hot flushes.

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Maternity Reflexology

A Maternity Reflexology treatment involves the use of advanced Reflexology techniques to help support pregnant clients with common conditions that can arise in pregnancy, like constipation, low back pain, heartburn, anxiety and depression, or to help prepare the body for birth. You can read more about Reflexology and the maternity journey here in an article published by Sally Earlam of the Association of Reflexologists.

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Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage – Foot Reflexology (60 minute appointment)

Lymphoedema can develop after some breast cancer treatments. Sally Kay has pioneered an award winning Reflexology technique which focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes in the feet, with the aim of causing an effect on the lymphatic system. So, this is a Foot Reflexology treatment where you can put your feet up and relax, breathing deeply, while I concentrate on the lymphatic reflexes.

A study undertaken in 2013/ 2014 found that Reflexology was a useful treatment for lymphoedema after breast cancer surgery. It reduced swelling and pain, and improved quality of life.

Reflexology does not treat or remedy cancer and should not be used in place of conventional medical care or the treatment recommended for you by your healthcare professional. Always consult a GP or other health professional for medical attention and advice.

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Reiki Treatment (60 minute appointment)

In this treatment, light touch is applied through a series of mindful placement of hands - this evokes a profound response from your body and promotes balance. It often evokes feelings of inner peace and harmony and can help you to relax and to relieve stress.

"I totally relaxed ...."

"Lovely Reiki session this afternoon, I totally relaxed which is something I usually find quite difficult to do! Thank you Sandra"

R O'Neill, Dursley August 2018

Seated Reiki Treatment (30 minute appointment)

This is a seated Reiki treatment in which light touch is applied through a series of mindful placement of hands - this evokes a profound response from your body and promotes balance. It often evokes feelings of inner peace and harmony and can help you to relax and to relieve stress. This shorter treatment is a good option if you're unable to take time out for a full hour, and if you'd rather sit on a chair than hop up onto a couch.

Mini Foot Reflexology Treatment (30 minutes appointment)

I offer a shorter mini Foot Reflexology treatment for those who struggle to free up a whole hour for an appointment, but who still want to invest in their wellbeing with short, regular treatments.

Mini Hand Reflexology with Foot Spa (30 minute appointment)

Again, if you have limited time to spare and want to maximise the relaxation, spend 30 minutes having a mini Hand Reflexology treatment while your feet are soothed in the Foot Spa (with a choice of organic bath salts - Lavender or Eucalyptus). Feel rejuvenated and restored!

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